Outserving Plus offers reliable expertise in all aspects of HR and people development.

Our flexibility makes us different.

Outserving Plus’s team comes with a strong wealth management in corporate experience that is diverse. Our Team have the skills to design processes, assess gaps, design solution, asses and track development.

We offer a wide range of quality services on a flexible contract or ad hoc basis. Whether it’s providing HR consultancy across the entire spectrum or working with you on just one focused project, we offer practical support in a professional but relaxed way to help you achieve the best possible results.

All of our HRM solutions to ensure a healthy, professional, positive environment throughout your workplace to keep you as an “Employer of Choice” for all job seekers and existing employees.

Our techniques, tools deployed, business understanding, and recommendations are based on world-class best practices in all areas of Human Resources such as:

  • Organization Design
  • Job Description
  • Job Evaluation; using different methodologies
  • Grading Structure and Salary Scale
  • Performance Framework; PMS and KPIs
  • Competence modeling
  • Employee Engagement

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