About Outserving Plus

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Who We Are?

OUTSERVING PLUS offers you more than just outsourcing, Talent’s acquisition, and specialized consultancy Services. It gives you sustainable and long commitment from HR experts to cure your manpower and organizational deficiencies turning your company environment into a healthier one. It is indeed, OUTSERVING PLUS...


Our mission helps you reach your goals

Formulate professional partnerships in Human Resources that fulfill the following:
  • Support Management Decision-Making
  • Enhance Businesses’ Growth with LOWEST Cost and Risk
  • Reach GREAT Customer Experience
  • Foster Productive Cultures with Engaged Employees

Our vision serves yours

Drive HR outsourcing services to a new era that can take business to new levels of growth and great customer experience.

What makes Outserving Plus Unique?

  • Plug & play solutions for Outsourced HR services
  • Continuous support to all employees every moment throughout the deal
  • A dedicated Professional HR service team to serve your business
  • Powerful technology and data-driven insights for all HR functions
  • Help your business mitigate legal risks
  • A partnership that helps you stay ahead

Our values we live by


Deliver and repeat the offered service to the client and maintain high level of quality at different times and circumstances

Our values we live by


The obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions with the client

Our values we live by


Work together with the client in achieving a defined, common business purpose

Our values we live by


Act honestly and transparently in all actions and upholding to strong ethical principles and values

Our values we live by


Continuous and systematic adaptation and entrepreneurial innovation to maintain competitive advantages

Our Services


Payroll Administration
Social Insurance
Personnel Administration

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Talents Acquisition

Provide high-quality calibers by acquiring culture and role fit talents...

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Personnel & Labor Law Audit
Develop Job Descriptions, KPIs and competencies
Engagement surveys

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